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Why We Breed Goldendoodles

     I have always been an animal lover.  Dogs in particular have always given me a sense of peace and security.  They really are the best friends, protectors, and therapists a person can hope to have by their side.  When my son was 12, he became fearful at night.  I knew that having a dog in his room would provide the sense of security that he needed, but he has asthma.  One of the best decisions that I made was finding our poodle, Ella.  She was exactly what my son needed, and her coat allowed her to share his room making him feel safe while not causing his asthma symptoms to worsen.   Ella now runs the household, and she seems to have a different personality for each member of the family.  We all adore her!
     Ella is also the reason that I was introduced to breeding Goldendoodles.  After bringing her with us to feed our horse, who was being boarded on the farm of a Goldendoodle breeder, the breeder asked us if we would allow her to breed Ella.  It took 3 years to decide, but we finally decided to give it a try.  Ella's Goldendoodle puppies were born and raised in our home under the close supervision of a fantastic breeder who monitored and educated us every step of the way.  We loved every second of it, and I realized that it was such a blessing for my family.    After raising several litters for the breeder, I decided to give breeding puppies and finding their forever families on my own a try.  I spent a lot of time researching genetics, available testing, and breeding, and I decided to raise goldendoodles.  I have loved all of Ella's puppies, and I feel that Goldendoodles are the perfect family dogs that can also be low to no shedding (if bred correctly) allowing families like mine to enjoy their companionship!

How We Care for Our Puppies

     Our puppies and parents are raised in a home as part of a family, and they will never be housed outside of a home or in a kennel.   The puppies are raised inside our house, and they are handled daily.  Being raised in a family setting helps to create a smooth transition into their forever homes.  They will be accustomed to the everyday sights, sounds, and smells of a normal household.  At 3 days of life, the puppies begin 14 days of handling known as Early Neurological stimulation (ENS).  ENS has been shown to provide positive physical benefits including stronger heartbeats, improved adrenal gland function, greater resistance to disease, and better stress tolerance.  As they grow, the puppies continue to be handled and played with daily.  We intentionally expose them to new sights, toys, noises, animals, and people to ensure that they are well socialized and ready for their families.  The puppies are fed a quality diet and introduced to a "potty area," grooming, and crate training.  They will receive appropriate deworming, as well as vaccinations and a health examination by our veterinarian prior to going home.  It is an absolute privilege to love them first!

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